Why 106 West 56th Street, also known as “The Six”, might be the best Modern Office Building in NYC for Luxury Office Space

May 18, 2022

Lance Leighton

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106 West 56th Street is perhaps the most appropriate luxury office building in Midtown for small hedge funds and boutique financial companies…

Back in 2020, we posted an article featuring Our Five (5) Most Exciting Office Buildings for Boutique Tenants.  Although 106 West 56th Street (also known as “The Six”) was given a feature at the time, now that the project is completed and we inspected it, we thought the asset deserved a more thorough review and highlight.

For those unfamiliar with the New York City office space market, we should clarify that it is nearly impossible to find full-floor office space availabilities in Trophy or Class A office buildings that are less than 5,000 square feet.  When factoring in the insatiable demand for new construction and the fact that most tenants prefer to be in Midtown, there are only a handful of buildings that can accommodate these parameters.  However, after finally seeing The Six’s brand new, full-floor, pre-built & furnished office space availabilities, the bar has been raised to another level when it comes to catering to hedge fund, private equity, venture capital, investment banking and family office users.

Recently completed in 2020 by Savanna, 106 West 56th Street seems to have been developed with one goal in mind. To give small, high-end financial services firms the opportunity to have impactful & luxurious office spaces in New York City.  Located in one of Manhattan’s most coveted locations, just a stone’s throw from Central Park, the asset is likely the most dramatic opportunity available on the market.  Spanning over 26 floors and measuring just 90,000 square feet, this newly constructed micro-skyscraper includes a tastefully designed modern lobby, tenant-only conference center & lounge- which should eliminate the need for most occupants to maintain an extra-large boardroom.  Also, boasting extra-high ceilings, column-free floorplates, floor-to-ceiling windows and luxurious finishes that will make even the most discerning tenants’ jaws drop, there is no question that this building will make anyone want to return to the office.

So lets talk about these aforementioned finishes.  The pre-built program utilizes two different aesthetics for a tenant to choose from.  The first is “Modern Minimalism“.  Within these units, tenants will be greeted by lightly colored wooden millwork, an extensive use of glass, white stone, bright accents, brushed aluminum and a more traditional office look.  For those seeking a more edgy workspace, the “Industrial Elegance” buildout accentuates an upscale and monochromatic design scheme.  Utilizing a contrast between dark and light materials, there is a moodiness and modernism within these suites that are reminiscent of a SoHo loft- while also showcasing a meticulous use of stone, glass, wood and sheetrock to make them feel professional.  Though when touring we didn’t get a sense that either was “better”, the fact that a tenant can customize the spaces to their preferences is a very nice touch.  Also, ownership will furnish the units to a very high standard.  Most importantly, there are still a number of units available with outdoor spaces and/or Central Park views so click here to see the current availability with pricing in this trophy asset, “THE SIX”.


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