Some of The Best Office Spaces in NYC – Central Park Views, High Ceilings, Floor-to-Ceiling Glass and other WOW Factors

February 13, 2013

Lance Leighton

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Unique Luxury Office Space in Midtown Manhattan – Plaza District

A hedge fund recently contacted us to uncover some of the rarest and most coveted office space opportunities in New York City.  (Click here for our free search)  The requirement was relatively small, however, the search was for extremely high-end and distinctive space, solely within crème-de-la-crème buildings.  Since these cache assets and spaces often spark curiosities, we figured we would share the results.  Click here for the survey we came up with pursuant to the following parameters.

The conversation for their wish list went something like this: “For us to better understand your upcoming New York City office space search, can you give us some more feedback?”

Client: “As you already know, we do a tremendous amount of entertaining and conferencing in our New York City office. In addition to hosting some of the wealthiest and prominent people in the world, we have a certain image that we like to convey to our investors. Accordingly, our Manhattan office space must reflect this. We need to be in a tony building, or space that has a significant “wow factor”. Additionally, one of our executive’s has a preference for office spaces with Central Park Views- however; this is not a deal breaker.” “What is your ideal configuration? What is your timing for occupancy? Do you only want us to present furnished New York City Office Spaces?”

Client: “Our ideal configuration would have a mixture of perimeter offices (roughly 8), conference rooms (minimum 2 large) and open area for trading. We are thinking that we need about 5,000-8,000 rsf. However, since this is our second move and we outgrew our current space, we can look at things a little bit larger in anticipation for growth. Our timing is flexible and you can present both furnished offices and unfurnished options.” What is your budget?

Client: Doesn’t matter- We want to see the BEST spaces in the size range.

The following buildings made it into our final survey:

250 West 55th Street

9 West 57th Street

681 Fifth Avenue

712 Fifth Avenue

717 Fifth Avenue

745 Fifth Avenue

540 Madison Avenue

660 Madison Avenue

1370 Avenue of the Americas

888 Seventh Avenue


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