The Top 10 Hedge Fund Office Buildings With Private Parking

June 14, 2012

Lance Leighton

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Work hard, play harder.  That is often the motto at hedge funds.  As a result, many financial “whiz kids” like to buy nice toys, including fast and luxurious cars.  In my career, I have had a number of clients with Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Maserati’s, Porsche’s and other exotic sports car’s that they like to drive to the office- ESPECIALLY IN THE SUMMERTIME.  With the insanely gorgeous weather we’ve been having, I found it appropriate to list The Top 10 Hedge Fund Appropriate Buildings with Garages or Private Parking.

1) 120 West 45th Street (Also known as Tower 45):
2) 40 West 57th Street:
3) 110 East 59th Street:
4) 101 Park Avenue:
5) 375 Park Avenue:
6) 590 Madison Avenue:
7) 666 Fifth Avenue:
8) 767 Fifth Avenue (GM BUILDING):
9) 1120 Avenue of the Americas (Hippodrome Building):
10) 888 Seventh Avenue:

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