125 West 57th Street Is the Hottest To-Be-Completed Office Tower in New York City

May 16, 2024

Lance Leighton

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125 West 57th Street is brand new construction overlooking Central Park with boutique floorplates and amenities.  It is also poised to become one of the best new office buildings in Manhattan.


Nestled in the heart of New York City’s Plaza District, amidst towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, lies an extraordinary new opportunity for corporate luxury workspace. Welcome to 125 West 57th Street, the newest office building strategically positioned on billionaire’s row in Manhattan, adjacent to premier real estate in NYC, where every detail speaks of refinement and sophistication.

Step into a boutique skyscraper where seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces invites you to embrace the city’s energy while enjoying the tranquility of nature. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer unobstructed Central Park views from every unit, providing a serene backdrop to business endeavors and meetings.  As an added perk, every other floor boasts double-height outdoor spaces, allowing tenants to immerse themselves in the beauty of Central Park from a unique perspective.

As you explore the meticulously designed asset, you’ll notice the exceptional attention to detail. Soaring ceiling heights coupled with floor-to-ceiling glass creates an expansive ambiance, while single-occupancy executive restrooms and on-floor showers provide convenience and privacy for tenants and visitors alike.

Boutique floorplates provide intimate settings with panoramic views of Central Park, ensuring a productive yet tranquil work environment. Ranging from +/- 8,400 to 10,300 square feet, these floors offer versatility for various business needs and are extremely efficient with minimal columns. Moreover, ownership will build each floor to an extremely high and luxurious standard, ensuring that every aspect of the space meets the highest expectations.

The 11th-floor Executive Amenity Center offers a glorious reprieve from the office- complete with lounges, private meeting spaces, and event facilities, including a catering kitchen—ideal for hosting corporate events and client meetings.

The pièce de résistance of the building is the exclusive 4,300 square feet landscaped terrace, reserved for tenants. Here, amidst lush greenery, occupants can unwind and network while soaking in the breathtaking vistas of Central Park—an urban sanctuary like no other.

Behind the scenes, the building boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure designed for comfort and sustainability. From HVAC systems with DX cooling units to secondary condenser water supplies, a commitment to providing an eco-conscious workspace is evident. With a LEED Gold certification in sight, a new standard for sustainable luxury in corporate real estate is being set.

Scheduled for tenant construction delivery in October of 2024, this building is perfectly suited for a hedge fund, private equity firm, investment bank, or financial institution seeking an unparalleled workspace. With its prestigious location, luxurious amenities, and stunning views, it offers a prestigious setting for conducting business at the highest level.

Led by industry leaders Alchemy-ABR and Cain International, this development combines decades of expertise in  real estate and hospitality. Together, they’ve crafted a masterpiece that seamlessly blends luxury, innovation, and sustainability to create an office environment beyond compare.

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Check out the teaser video of the building below:

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