Flexible Desk Sharing Opportunity near Grand Central

December 6, 2013

Lance Leighton

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Shared Desk Space Opportunity near Grand Central

It is not atypical for boutique financial firms to reach out to HedgeFundSpaces.com when they are long on space- either to assist them with subleasing or help them find temporary tenants.  Accordingly, a boutique money manager recently contacted us with a furnished, plug & play desk sharing opportunity.

For $1,250 $900 per month (price was just reduced), the sublandlord is offering individual desk spaces with access to conference rooms, internet, phone and pantry.  Located just a couple of short blocks to Grand Central, the option is perfect for any start-up or existing company looking for economical office space in Manhattan.

If interested, contact the sublandlord directly (ask for Mohammad) at [email protected] or 1 212.500.5451.

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