Office Space "Must Haves" For Hedge Funds

June 24, 2012

Lance Leighton

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Elevator Presence and Signage:  It is imperative that a hedge fund has substantial presence and visibility directly off of the elevator.  Hedge funds want to be identifiable and locatable by investors that come to visit.

Reception Area:  Hedge funds require a small but impressive reception area.  The finishes in this area will typically include sheetrock ceilings and stone floors.

Conference Room:  Most people never think of this, but conference rooms are usually located directly off of the reception area.  This eliminates the need to walk guests through the trading floor. 

Pantry:  The most common place for a pantry is adjacent to the main conference room.  This simplifies entertaining clients and guests. 

Open Trading Area:  The trading floor is most often located along the window line or in the brightest part of the space. 

Executive Offices:  Portfolio managers and operating principals typically require their own offices.  These offices usually overlook the trading floor. 

IT Closet:  Self explanatory 

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