The Importance of Artwork in the Workplace – If Your Office Walls Could Talk, They’d Ask For Art

July 24, 2012

Lance Leighton

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When moving into new office space, essentials such as IT cabling, furniture, and signage are among the first orders of business. However, one necessity is often overlooked- an artwork program.

Extensive research shows the significance of artwork in offices.   An article on elaborates on this point.  Per their website, “According to studies conducted by BOSTI Associates…there is a clear correlation between how people experience the offices they work in and their productivity levels on the job including job performance, satisfaction and their ability to communicate with each other.”

According to Jennifer Wallace, founder and CEO of nAscent Art, “office artwork conveys the firm’s permanence and sophistication, as well as instilling confidence amongst visitors and investors.  Leaving the walls blank after spending time and resources on a new office space is akin to dressing up in your best Brioni suit and forgetting to put on your finest shoes”.  nAscent Art New York is a company that specializes in helping furnish financial services firms with artwork in the office.

But how does a tenant begin the process?  Acquiring art for their office space walls can be an exhausting and expensive process.  However, Jennifer told me that her firm simplifies the search for their clients, while creating realistic and achievable budgets.

 nAscent curates, sells or leases, and installs fine art for some of New York’s most prestigious and sophisticated firms.  nAscent selected the 50 artists they work with from over 25,000 New York City based emerging artists.  Their network of artists create the highest quality of work palatable, to more constrained budgets, while supporting the local art community.  nAscent has a proven track record in the financial services industry and has assisted many funds, including Pantheon Ventures and Energy Investors Funds.

While the effects of art in the office may be subliminal, the incorporation of a well-implemented art program has an undeniable effect on a firm’s corporate image and bottom line.

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