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High-End Furniture for Sale

Picture of Lance Leighton

Lance Leighton

A client of ours recently purchased high-end custom furniture for their office space, which is now for sale. The inventory and photos are below. The pricing is to be further discussed. Please reach out to Lance Leighton if you are interested and we will make an introduction.

  • 3 sets of custom double sided desks with custom cushioned drawers each with a desk chair- total of 6 desks, 7 drawers, and 6 chairs
  • 1 custom L shaped desk with desk chair
  • 1 custom reception desk and chair
  • 2 single seat couches with small coffee table
  • 1 conference room table with 6 conference room chairs
  • 1 love seat
  • 2 flat screen TVs
  • Art Addiction – pristine condition, 6 wall mounted pieces – blue abstract, each individual piece is 36 x 18