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Year in Review – The Largest Office Relocations for Financial Firms in 2017

  • By Lance Leighton
  • January  05,  2018

BlackRock, Bank of America and Third Point had Midtown Manhattan's most notable new leases. There is no question that 2017 was a solid year for New York City commercial real estate.  Though the...

The Evolution of the World Trade Center 15 Years Later

  • By Lance Leighton
  • September  12,  2016

What is really going on where The Twin Towers used to be? In light of the 15 year anniversary of 9/11, we thought it would be honorable to discuss the progress of the World Trade Center, as well as...

What Is Loss Factor? NYC Office Space 101

  • By Lance Leighton
  • May  14,  2015

Understanding Loss Factor in New York City - Office Space Leasing 101 One of the most complicated concepts in an office leasing transaction for a tenant to understand is the idea of "loss factor". ...

What are the differences between Trophy, Class A, Class B and Class C Office Buildings in New York City?

  • By Lance Leighton
  • July  15,  2014

Trophy vs. Class A vs. Class B vs. Class C Office Spaces Differentiating office space classes is somewhat of an arbitrary and vague task in Manhattan.  However, here at, we...

The Luxury Office Space Market Heats Up in New York City

  • By Lance Leighton
  • May  28,  2013

Midtown High-End Office Space is Back in Demand New York City – Activity within the high-end office space market has been muted since the collapse of Lehman Brothers.  Economic uncertainty and...

The Importance of an Ergonomic Chair in the Workplace

  • By Lance Leighton
  • May  04,  2013

Can an office chair really benefit your employees' health and productivity? Fact- Most people spend more time in their office chair than anywhere else. Not surprisingly, employees who perform at...

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